First the Wine...
...then the story

Welcome to First The Wine. We drink everything we sell. And if we don’t have a wine you’re craving we will do our best to help you find it.

Wine is living history. In the words of Mister Peabody, a Wayback Machine. Wine makes friendship stronger. Love more passionate. Insight more meaningful. Wine needs food, company, laughter and grief. You don’t need to be religious to understand why wine became the blood of the Savior in the early New Testament.

What you like is what you should drink.

We are obsessed with wines that evolve, take on different personalities as they age.  We also delight in wine recently bottled, ready to present itself full force from the outset. Just depends on mood, circumstance, who’s sharing with us, maybe even the Biodynamic Calendar.

For collectors, we hope you find our selection merits interest. For those just beginning to explore the unending story of wine, we offer guidance.

Give us a price range, a few wine names you are currently drinking. We’ll select a mixed case that fits your average price requirements. As you drink the wines, take a photo of the ones you like, maybe a note about why. Then we’ll discuss your experience. If the picture isn’t clear we will ask you to repeat with a different mixed case (we will have SOME idea of where your palates at!). More photos. Another conversation. Then we will feel confident to recommend specific wines for your enjoyment.